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Revelstoke, BC Canada

In a valley in the Rockies of Canada, surrounded by the sky-scraping, aweing beauty all around, lies a quiet town of approximately 8000. Downtown Revelstoke is one street, two blocks long, that you can often find local bands playing in the street. With about four cafes all within 500 meters of each other, the comraderie among fellow revelstokers is tight. It is impossible to walk down the street without knowing everyone around you, and that is quite alright if you live in revelstoke. Why? Because it's a ski town.
A ten minute drive from the three-year-old resort, Revelstoke Mountain Resort, revelstoke villagers are hardcore skiers. They understand the dangers of the mountain, but the beauty far surpasses the danger. With hundreds of accessible heli-ski terrain, tons of cat-skiing, and then add in the personal snowmobile team, revelstoke is an extreme mountain.
Revelstoke resort though, is not for the inexperienced. Rarely, if ever will you find a new skier, just about every skier and snowboarder on the hill has raw talent. Runs are marked green, blue, black; double black is up to you to create. The runs are the basics to the hill, and completely unnecessary. The stoke chair has many hikes and climbs you can do to find the freshest untracked powder with relative ease, and the Ripper chair has two runs, and acres of glades. Tree runs are a must at Revelstoke resort, and they keep your heart pumping. Scopeing out the best tracks is exactly what the point is, and with the largest vertical in North America, new tracks are not hard to find. Line-ups are almost non-existant, and a single run can take up to an hour to complete. There is no other way to put it, Revelstoke Resort is a hard core, ski-bum hill for those looking for thrill and challenge.


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Jan. 11th, 2010 12:46 pm (UTC)
Revy!!!!!!!!! :)
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